27 April 2010

The Tintoretto-blur: yes we can !

tintoretto-blur: yes we can !

Mameluk in work

From april2010

From april2010

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Roustam Raza in his amazing memories

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"The road from Alexandria to Cairo amazingly beautiful. On the banks of the Nile stretching the sugar cane fields, thickets of almond trees and pomegranates. On the first day came to Rashid (23) , which was exactly in the middle of the road, and the next day brought us saddled Arabian horse, so to Grand Cairo, we went horseback riding. In the evening we owned Sala-Bey 12 teenagers on horseback rode in Bulak, located half a mile from the Greater Cairo. We supped there, and in the evening we gathered to take in the capital (24) . And immediately the next morning we appeared before the Salah-Bey, who received us very cordially. He asked me a question in Georgian, but I did not speak the language, because I was a kid, when we left Georgia. Then he asked if it was true that I was born in Georgia, in Tbilisi, I said "yes." I mentioned the name of his father, it turned out that Salah-Bey knew him well, because he was a Georgian and a frequent visitor to Armenia.
For some reason, many people think that only Georgians and Megrels can be good Mamelukes, whereas Armenians are much braver and more courageous them. At that time I was fifteen years old, and at the end of the conversation Salah-Bey told me:
- Go take a rest, I'll tell you to have given clothes and a horse, you're my neighbor, and I'll take care of you. I'll try and tell your father."

further on he meets Napoleon

"So I went into the service of Chief Bonaparte (34) ... In the waiting room for him led me to Mr. Elias. Seeing me, Napoleon came and pulled me by the ear, and then asked, if I ride the horse. I replied in the affirmative. Then he wanted to know whether I possess a sword, I said that many times he fought with swords with the Arabs, showed the scars on his hands.
He was delighted and said:
- What is your name?
I replied:
- Idzhahia.
He was surprised:
- This is the Turkish name. What's your name at home?
I confessed:
- Rustam.

- I do not want you to wear a Turkish name, from this day you still going to Rustam.
He walked into his office, brought out a Damascus sword, the handle of which was in six large diamonds, a pair of pistols in gilt cases.
- Take it, - he said - I give. I promise to always take care of you. "

Byerly Turk

From april2010

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Blurred Goya after Velazquez 3

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