13 November 2011

Tron new b - painting

tron new b

black, cyberspace, debt, man, paint, politics, space, scream, occupy, wallstreet, financial crisis

 buy this work here http://www.saatchionline.com/art/Painting-Oil-tron-new-b/15650/1352574/view

12 November 2011

CDS dandy~classic~ light box

light box dandy~classic~

CDS dandy~classic~ A light-box ready to hang on a wall 1/1 signed on the back, based on my design "dandy~classic~" from Autumn 2008 after Lehman bankruptcy http://www.saatchionline.com/art/New-Media-Art-Vector-Graphics-CDS-dandy-classic/15650/1352495/view

16 October 2011

New in my collection: a photo of "War from my Window 1991/92" by Koka Ramishvili

photo from a series by Koka Ramishvili New in my collection a key-work of Koka Ramishvili from his series "War from my window 1991-92" photographing the civil war in Tbilisi on Christmas and New Year 91/92 from his window near River Mtkvari, more by Koka Ramishvili here http://www.kokaramishvili.org/