03 November 2019

New scratches

Avchala train 4 scratch

Deutsche Gedankenraum Zentrale

"crypto cyberspace control"

With the new cyberspaces expanding into true global decentralization, blockchains transferring sensible cryptographic data and values, privacy and oversight get into new epic fights. Governmental, corporate and individual interests are often contradicting and the understanding of which actor does what in who's interest becomes more and more vague and speculative. It's about power and money and who can control the data and information streams.

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Cyberspace Administration of China

I heard about this national cyberspace agency of China while driving through the wine region Kakheti in Georgia listening to the video podcast of TMI (The Modern Investor) - it struck me immediately. What ? You mean they admin the Chinese cyberspace ? And potentially the whole cyberspace ? We really arrived in the future. A new dawn of a world cyberspace order ruled by China and Asia makes sense. While the old and new worlds are afraid of the new technologies China already created agencies and structures and educational videos for their population. I can't add anything - the text is the art has the power.

November 2019 - it feels an era comes to an end and something new starts

20 April 2019

Crypto traderz wavvezc - new work at Known Origin

Eurasia -- Definitely Key exchange information Hash Number sequence asynchronous Consumption rates Data stream Secret whisper Digital dialog Zero one information App Chat window Pop up close Download transfer population Packhorse Proviant dynamite Satanic Provisions Nwo cycle plate reformation

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Graf Oto von Rubin ( Otari ) smokes a cigarette and talks about art